The Pro’s and Con’s of Dating Older Women

Dating older women is still a taboo but many men have come to accept this fact that men can be attracted to older women and it’s not a rarity and also that there isn’t always a bad experience attached to it.

The good things about dating older women are:

  • Looking For A Boy Play-mate:

Often older women that have just been divorced or have broken-up with their boyfriend are not really looking forward to a committed relationship instead they just want to have fun for the time being. Younger men always have a better stamina than the older men when it comes to having fun and no commitment relationships. So if you are looking for a woman to share a wild ride with, older ones are the one to look for.

  • They Don’t Dwell On The Past:

Older women are most probably over their past and all the insecurities and phobias of that time. All these women have had a remarkably life changing experience by now. She is most likely over with that random offensive behavior that women your age still tend to possess. These women have totally figured out what looks best on them and how they can look slimmer and how to avoid things that usually turn men off. So it absolutely rids you of all the feminine nonsense that you dislike completely.

The cons;

  • Too Much Past:

If she’s quite older than you and is single then there is a lot more to her past than you already know. She must have had too many boyfriends, husbands, children, debts and many other personal and professional issues. Therefore, you must be prepared for all these things as they come to you with the package. So what you need to understand is that an older woman has a lot of things to deal with so you must be ready to accept it even if she never asks you for help in all the stuff she has to face.

Whether you like it or not since dating older women have always been uncommon people will react weirdly and should be prepared to deal with this. Escaping her in public and meeting she only in private is totally not going to work and soon the relationship will end. So, if you have any insecurity you need to get over them before you plan to date an older woman.


8 Things You Should Avoid To Make Your Relationship Work


Do you want to avoid possible problem in a relationship? Then you should look for the right ingredients to have a healthy relationship.

Here are the eight things that you should know to make your relationship work with your partner:

  1. Avoid nagging in arguments – if you want to keep your relationship work and want to make your partner happy with you. Then, you should do something in times of argument matters. You can do it by avoid yourself from nagging or saying curse words in an argument. It would boost both of your anger and turned into madness, which would definitely break both of your heart and of course your relationship.
  2. Keeping your thoughts prioritized than your partner – another thing that you should avoid is when you keep your words or thoughts prioritize than your partner. At all times, you should share your thoughts to your partner before deciding anything in your life. Keep in mind that you are now merge into one and making it work is to share your thoughts together, to come up with a better solution to your plans.
  3. Lack of time – at some point of your relationship, you would be busy with your life, financial goals, business or whatever. But in everything that you do, you should reserve time for your partner and spend quality time together. This is to strengthen your relationship and communication together.
  4. flowersBoth have their own goals – yes, both of you have your own goals in life and if both of you don’t know how to handle your relationship, then both of you will end up reaching your goals alone. It is important to keep your goals shared together, if you want to keep your relationship healthy while on the verge of reaching success. “Never forget your partner”.
  5. Lack of communication – you need to keep your relationship work by communicating well with your partner. Whatever you do in life or when you are busy with your career, you should leave some time for your partner and communicate with him or her. In plans, you should be open to your partner and share your goal. In arguments, you should keep your mouth shut and balance both sides. Be logical and don’t let emotions break both of your hearts nor career. It would be best if you talk things through when you are not in your emotional state. “Never judge when you are emotionally hurt, in pain or anything that affects emotions”
  6. Not telling your true feelings – some people don’t share what they truly feel which is usually, the reason why relationship get bad and arguments comes in. This is because your other partner doesn’t know what you really think or feel, don’t think that they know what you are doing or why you did it because they are not some sort of magician who understand you without saying a word. “say what you want to say”
  7. Emotions get affected to financial problem – most problems in a relationship starts with financial problem, which affects both of your emotions without even knowing that you are really arguing about financial security. So if you have financial problems going on right now, you should chill and make plans together that would solve your problem. “don’t let the problem cover your mind and your heart”.
  8. Routine in a relationship – routines can be very boring in a relationship, so start doing something new and make it a habit. This will surely keep your moods up and make a healthy relationship, it can also reduce the risk of cheating problem so try to spice up your relationship.

When you know how to handle yourself, you will be able to control how you feel and act in a certain situation. This would help you sort things out in a relationship and find the best solution to future problems that you will encounter with your partner.